Get to know what North Urban Art Studio is all about

Who we are

North Urban Art Studio is a newly established art studio in Aalborg. Our vision is to become the biggest and most inspiring art community in Denmark. For any creatives who are interested in joining, and becoming a part of our family, click here.

For art lovers, this is the place for you. Get to explore the work of our amazing team of creatives and possibly even purchase some of their works. Our art gallery consists of a very diverse portfolio, ranging from photographs, graphic design, graffiti, paintings with different mediums such as spray, acrylic and oil. Get to know more about our team and their artworks by clicking here

In addition to the studio, we have our own coffee bar and lounge area. We can not wait to welcome you at North Urban Art Studio.

Giving back to society

Furthermore, we wish to contribute to society by sharing our knowledge and skills. Our team members regularly hold workshops for people. There you will be able to learn and improve your skills within various types of art styles. If you are interested in participating in our workshops or our fun events, click here. If you wish to arrange your own workshops or events at the studio, make sure to contact us here

North Urban Art Studio was founded in 2020. At the time, the studio was initially located inside Spritten.

A year later, in 2021, Frida and Alessandro wanted to expand to the studio. Therefore, they decided to expand and relocate to our current location, Akvavitvej 23.  

The current studio holds 1200 m2, it comes with a lounge area for guests, coffee bar and a studio area large enough for 17 different individual creatives to work and showcase their art.

Our values


We believe the way to success is through unity and co-operation, which is why we strive to create a better community and environment for our creatives. Additionally, it is necessary to form bonds and work alongside other innovative and inspiring organisations in Aalborg, in order for us all to succeed.


We want to give back to society. In other words, our aim is to give rather than to receive. This can be achieved by providing people with beautiful experiences through our artworks, events, workshops and our studio. By doing so, we hope to inspire people to release their inner creativity.


An attitude can be contagious, which is why it is crucial to always keep a positive attitude. Whether we are engaging with guests, clients or networking, whether it is amongst our own team members, we act responsibly, we carry ourselves with integrity, we are courteous and always keep an positive attitude.


The mission is to become a great and well-known art studio. Additionally, we strive to become a great workplace for our team of creatives and to give back to the society. 

Our goal is not only to be known for our art, but also for our lounge area. To become a place where people of all ages can enjoy themselves and relax.  Additionally, our goal is for the studio to be more established and known for hosting great events and workshorps. By providing great experiences through events and our artworks, by teaching people through our workshops and by simply having a place where people can relax and enjoy themselves, we believe this is our way of giving back to the community. 


Our vision is to be the biggest and most inspiring community, culture and art attraction in Denmark.  

Our vision statement encompasses our values and beliefs. Without working together with other companies and people, we will not be able to expand ourselves and thus, be able to inspire more even people in Denmark. Furthermore, the foundation to be able to grow lies in our attitude, which is why we at North Urban Art Studio, deem it extremely important to carry ourselves with integrity positive attitudes. By following our values, we believe that one day, we will succeed in our goal and become the most inspiring art community in Denmark. 

North Urban Art Studio
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