Camilla Rahbek


About Camilla Rahbek

Camilla, 28, currently studies Innovation and Entrepreneurship at UCN. Besides her studies, she is an artist who creates prints and illustrations on clothes, tapestry and for apps. She primarily creates art with watercolours and finishes them digitally. 

Describing her art

My art has a nordic vibe, a feeling of homey and melancholy. Often some douche colours and with inspiration from nature, but it’s obviously very different since my art is based on commissions”. 

Her journey

Camilla hated working jobs from 9-16 and she does not like how it is the norm for our society. “Even though you’re working faster, you won’t be able to go home earlier”. When Camilla got her first full time job as a designer, she loved it but still felt caged. She felt a lack of freedom which is why she eventually started doing freelance work. Here, she was able to become her own boss and be more flexible. 

Camilla has painted all her life but she started doing prints in 2014. This was a result of her education, where she was studying to become a designer. She was able to learn how to work with prints by utilizing her drawing and painting skills, and she has loved it ever since. Currently as a freelancer, she primarily does commissions for other clients. Camilla also sells royalties and people can buy exclusive rights to pre-made artwork and prints she has done. “I love doing prints because it’s so versatile, playful and they can be placed on all kinds of products“.


She looks up to the Australian artist Victoria Garcia because of her melancholic touch in her artwork. She describes her artwork as beautiful.

Advice & goals
Find what you’re good at, research how to earn money on it and the most important is to have and build a good network. Take a couple of commissions at the beginning where you don’t charge a lot, and then eventually increase the prices over time. Also, as a freelancer, you have to work a lot of hours by yourself, so take that into consideration as well”.

Camilla will soon give birth to a baby and her goal is to find a balance in her life between being a parent, an artist and being her own boss.