Christina Thomsen


About Christina Thomsen

Christina, 25, lives in Aalborg and she specializes in painting with watercolours. She loves to explore other paint mediums as well, such as acrylics, oils, spray and even digital art.

Describing her art

I use a lot of strong colours and primarily paint within themes such as realism and surrealism. When people see my art, I want them to think about the meaning of the painting. It doesn’t matter if it’s the same thought I had while drawing it, I just want them to have thoughts and think about its meaning”.

Her journey

Christina has been drawing for most of her life. It began during elementary school where she often drew during classes. She never liked school and was often scolded for drawing during classes. Later on, she attended drawing classes and gradually got better throughout the years. When Christina started to attend high school, she felt out of place. She felt forced to go on with school despite disliking it.

Christina met Frida, co-founder of NUAS back in 2015 at Street Station. When she became part of the community, she fell even more in love with art. She saw other artists around her and this feeling of having people with similar interests encouraged her. Street Station was her escape from school, so this whole experience helped shape her and gave her even more motivation to pursue her dreams of becoming a full-fledged artist.


Her old team at Street Station were very supportive of her and helped her persuade her dreams, so she looks up to them. In terms of art, she looks up to Frida Kahlo and P.S. Krøyer etc. because of their styles, techniques and history. 

Advice and goals

Don’t listen to what pessimistic people tell you. If it’s something you want, do it anyway!”.

Christina wants to become a bigger name and improve as an artist. Her goal is to do something more interesting such as creating art on huge walls etc. It is not her dream to become more popular, but rather just to create something inspiring that would fill herself with pride and joy.