What has been going on at the studio?

North Urban Art Studio x På Fjorden

Relocating and relaunching our new website

North Urban Art Studio was founded in 2020 by a group of young artists in Aalborg. In the beginning we were located directly in the old Akvavit Factory in the center of Aalborg. A year later, in 2021, we relocated to our current location; Akvavitvej 23, 9000 Aalborg. Our new building has 1200 m2 and is bigger and better than before. It allows us to grow in multiple ways. We went from having 7 working stations to 17, and currently we have a team of 16 different creatives who each have their own work station inside the studio.

Furthermore, we recently relaunched our new website and it has everything you need to know about the studio, its people, our vision etc

Our first event: Hip Hop Hub & Rapolitics 

First event in our new space was a huge success!

During the beginning of October, we held a succesful networking seminar together with Rapolitics from Copenhagen. During the two day’s, there were presentations from representatives from both North Urban Art Studio and Rapolitics. Afterwards, the guys from Rapolitics were given a tour around Aalborg by a local Street Art Guide, with the purpose of showing stories behind the beautiful and historical murals around the city. After the tour, the members of North Urban Art Studio and Rapolitics got together at Aalborg Street Food and lastly, an afterparty was held during the evening. We were honoured to invite DJ FMD, a legend and Danish Champion winner in scratching. We had the pleasure of hearing about his story, his inspirations and last but not least, his musical skills. The event was a public event with free drinks, so fortunately, a lot of people showed up both during his presentation and the following afterparty.

We would like to give a huge thank you to everyone involved, Rapolitics, Anne-Lise, Nina Rose, Baco and the people who decided to spend a few hours to have fun with us.

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