Frida Stiil Vium

Artist & Co-founder

About Frida Stiil Vium

Frida, 24, is an independent artist with her own private art company, Projekt NADA and co-founder of NUAS as well. Her painting style is a mixture of surrealism and realism and Frida specializes in both acrylic and spray painting.

How would she describe her art?

It typically has a lot of energy and it’s powerful. Obviously it depends on the different types of art I’m creating. My standard approach is to make people happy. I’ve also done art where I’m negative and critical of certain topics from political to society and personal topics. I want people to wonder about things and activate their brains when looking at my stuff as well.” 

Her journey

Frida has been painting and drawing since kindergarten as a way to express herself and gradually she became more serious with it as she grew older. An experience that helped shape her and form her working ethic and mindset happened during a trip to Africa as a 14 year old. “I saw first hand how hard people worked and since then, I’ve learned the importance of not taking things for granted as well as working hard for something you want”. When Frida was a child she had a cleft lip and palate. Because of this, she often had a difficult time pronouncing words. After years of operations and training, she got over it. “This experience made me realize I’m able to do whatever I want, as long as I work hard!”.

When Frida was younger, she was not fond of school. She longed for a place where she could fit in and be herself. After working on a project for 4-5 years with Aalborg Municipal where the concept was to create a studio for young artists, Frida eventually decided to start her own studio. As a more experienced person, she eventually co-founded NUAS; a place she wishes was there for her as an artist.


She cites her old boss at Streetmekka as a huge role model for her for the way she was a supportive and kind leader to her employees. Frida is also influenced by hip hop culture, the tattoo environment and other artists who have unique techniques.

Advice and goals

Attend art classes because it will help you with your techniques. Of course you can train by yourself but honestly it’s also great to have an art teacher to guide you. So if you want to be an artist, be stubborn, work hard and take the leap.

Her goal for NUAS is for it to become a creative and great workplace for artists and creatives. Her hope is that the studio also becomes a well known lounge area where a lot of people will come to hang out with one another. She wants it to be more established and to be known for hosting great events and workshops.