Mille Marie Berger


About Mille Marie Berger

Mille is the youngest artist at the studio at the age of 19. She is an artist who works with abstract paintings and regularly holds graffiti workshops. Besides being an artist, she is a mentor for young people for whom she teaches art.

Describing her art

It’s abstract, general, as well as good for the soul and my art works whether it’s during sunny or rainy days. This obviously applies to myself as well as people who get to experience my art“.  

Her journey

Mille loves working with young people and helping them. Her motivation lies in the fact that she always felt out of place. She had to fight for who she was and that is essentially what made her the independent person she is today. “I was sick of school when I was younger. I don’t like the system; how young people are pressured into doing things the same way”. Therefore, she wants to help and show younger people that it does not have to be this way. Mille is currently helping a young girl by taking her to NUAS where she gets creative with her. She teaches her how to do art and graffiti.

Her painting style is very mixed. During the last year, she found the medium she wants to work with and that is abstract painting. Even though she has found the right medium, she still wants to improve her skills on other mediums such as graffiti. She’s always been into art but within the last 3-4 years, it’s been her main focus. In terms of passion, “it just made sense”. Mille originally drew for many years before she started painting. She drew everything, although with a preference to tattoo-related art. Mille has no themes for her artwork, it is not planned since it is abstract.


There are not any specific people she looks up to, but she finds inspiration in a lot of things such as all the talented people she sees in her every day and people at NUAS.

Advice and goals

Don’t be too busy and rush what you’re doing, things will come slowly at your own pace”. 

Back in the day, Mille helped creating NUAS and wants to stay as long as it makes sense, so hopefully for a long time. In terms of goals, she has learned a lot at NUAS and it has helped her as an artist but she does not have a goal in mind “I don’t exactly know what I want to do but this is stuff I’ll eventually find out as I get older”.