Nicklas Hovgaard


About Nicklas Hovgaard

Nicklas, 20, is an artist who works with spray painting, acrylic, oil chalk, metal painting, wall painting and textiles. 

Describing his art

After creating a great piece of art, I feel happy and a sense of self accomplishment. I primarily do art for myself and not to save the world, so I’m not quite sure how I want people to feel when they look at my stuff but if people enjoy it, it’s definitely great”.

His journey

When Nicklas was younger, he dropped out of school because of anxiety attacks. Afterwards, he became depressed and regularly had to visit a psychiatrist. This went on for a couple of years and only recently were they able to provide him with the right diagnosis; ADHD. This whole journey has been draining for Nicklas but he feels that it is definitely made him mentally stronger. “I’ve been told that ADHD is kind of a superpower so that is how I see it as well. Of course there are disadvantages but I’m embracing all of it”.

During these years he also found his passion: art. He used to write poems but later fell in love with art and then started painting. “I started having thoughts of doing art and one day, I decided to spontaneously buy some art. I fell in love with it and the rest is history. I found the right one!”.


Nicklas is grateful to both of his parents and he also looks up to James Jebbia, founder of the clothing brand Supreme. “Even though I don’t wear Supreme clothes myself, I respect him for his business approach. It’s the idea of having limited products and the way he conducts his business, so I find that very commendable”.

Advice and goals

Get your act together.

Nicklas’ current plan is to stay at NUAS for 1-2 years or even until it closes down. He just started a new project called Reverse Jebbia and the goal for him is to launch it as a fashion show by August 2022. His end-game goal is to make a living off his artwork.  Lastly, he also strives towards getting his clothes shown at the Copenhagen Fashion Week.