Samuel Kanu


About Samuel Kanu

Samuel, 26, currently lives in Aalborg where he has his own production company called Samuel Kanu. He is a photographer who creates video ads, product pictures, and generally a lot of video and photo content for various companies.

Describing his art

I want people to feel the quality of my art and for it to evoke emotions. Obviously it’s not always possible, it depends on what the customer wants. I’m great at making punchy pictures with great contrast. I like to achieve the right expression on people when taking portraits and to spread happiness”.

His journey

As a child, he took a lot of pictures with analogue cameras. Samuel’s passion for being a photographer began for real, when he bought his first professional camera five years ago. With his new camera, Samuel started taking portrait photos and found out how exciting it  was. “Eventually, more people approached me with commission work and then I came to the realization that I could actually make a living off it”.

During his early days, Samuel always accepted commissions. Even when it was not something he felt like doing, he still accepted the work. Now he has learned from this and he is able to decline commission offers. “Currently, I have a lot of regular clients, which means I’m able to decline additional offers if I don’t find enjoyment in doing them”.


His girlfriend was a huge support to him, she lent the money to buy his first professional camera. His family has been a huge source of support as well. Samuel also cites Platon, a photographer who was a huge inspiration to him when taking portraits.  

Advice and goals

Take a leap, don’t be afraid! I’m proud of myself for accepting challenges rather than declining them. When big companies approached me, it was nerve wracking but I took the chance and it’s made me who I am today”.

His goal through NUAS is to build a great studio with beautiful photo walls, better setup and to finally have a studio, where he can take pictures of products sent to him by his clients, rather than having to travel to various places to do that.