Stephanie Dyrby

Artist & Fund manager

About Stephanie Dyrby

She has a Master’s degree in Experience Design and a Bachelor’s degree in Art & Technology from University. She is curious by nature and loves to study.

Describing her art

Every painting has a different feeling but I want people to be curious, think and wonder about the subject of my paintings. Such as why are people like they are, why do people act like they do? Is it based on our surroundings, genes etc.? I also want to be provocative and critical of the times we currently live in and the dependency of too much technology”. 

Her journey

Stephanie has always been drawing and for four straight years during her youth, she attended the DM (Danish Championship) in drawing where she placed 2nd every year. “Unfortunately I never got 1st place, it was always 2nd!”. When she turned 15, she realized how much time it took to draw with pencil and adding shadows. Because of this, Stephanie began to experiment with painting and she has not looked back ever since.


Being inspired by the ancient mythologies and the Italian Renaissance, she strives to create art with multiple interpretations using mixed media in order to transform her passion into modern, original masterpieces. The fascination of mysterious, ancient myths, the Renaissance’s great masters and her curiosity has motivated her to create and pursuit art, since a very young age.

Advice and goals

Just do what makes you happy and ignore what others think. It’s about who you are and you shouldn’t suppress it.

The goal for Stephanie is to make NUAS an attractive and well known place for people to visit, just like other art attractions in Aalborg.