Tarik Boskailo


About Tarik Boskailo

Tarik, 27, is an artist who works with spray art. Other than being an artist, his full time occupation is being a teacher at Nibe School.

Describing his art

My art has strong colours and it’s dynamic. What I love about art is when it makes me stop, think and reflect about it, so that’s the feeling I want from other people as well. I also want my art to evoke good vibes and a little bit of beauty”.

His journey

Tarik has always been creative since he was a child. When he was younger, he used to draw and do creative things all the time. Spray is his primary method of painting but he is also open to learning other mediums, such as working with acrylic colours. “I’ve always been a fan of artists and their expressive artwork and once I tried it out myself, I found a new passion in life”. The things he also loves about art is the endless possibilities of experimenting, so he isn’t confined to just one single method.

As a child, he always had great adults surrounding him. This is also one of his motivations for becoming a teacher; because he wants to pass this feeling on to the next generation. He thanks his family who helped shape him. “The feeling of having trustworthy, helpful and nice adults around you, especially if you’re a child who’s staying inside the classroom, while all of your friends are playing football, is a nice and necessary feeling to have as a child”. His parents immigrated from Bosnia and the mentality they taught him was always to work hard and to be proud of who they are, their heritage and culture.    


He looks up to artists such as Kevin Hart, Chris Brown and ASAP Rocky because of the way they carry themselves and their way of expressing themselves. Michael Brandrup is an artist he looks up to, the first time he saw that he got a “wow” feeling, so Tarik has been following him for many years on SoMe.

Advice & goals

If I were to speak to a younger Tarik: Just try it out and keep doing it if you like it”.

His goal is to inspire others to find their inner creativity.