Tomas Karl


About Tomas Karl

Tomas, 23, is from Norway and currently lives in Aalborg. He works full-time as a baker and in his free time, he is an artist who creates paintings, video art and tattoos. 

Describing his art

It’s a mixture of paint, words and texts gathered together in one piece. Some of the works might seem a little on edge, or melancholic but it’s a small portal into my mind. Through art I am allowed to fully express how I feel and how I think. My art is mainly a source for me to express myself”.

His journey

When Tomas was a child, he had a hard time figuring out what he wanted to do when he grew up. Now as an adult, he has finally realized what he wants to do and that makes it easier for his creative side to take over. It took him a long time, he tried various different things. At some point he started baking and he fell in love with it. “It was super, super random but somehow it’s all just connecting and it’s a very relaxed environment to work in”. Because Tomas came from a household of doctors, he worried about his family’s and friends’ reactions to his baking. “Surprisingly, everybody was cool with it. As long as I was happy, my family was satisfied as well”.

Tomas has currently painted for 4-5 years. “I never thought I could paint but I just wanted to try something creative”. His current projects revolve around societal themes such as alcohol and how it affects our society as well as COVID-19. “I try to put societal issues into my artwork”. He works with acrylic paints or whatever he can find. His art is not focused on making money so he just uses whatever he can find in terms of colours.

His inspirations

People change so much which makes it difficult to have one specific artist to look up to”. Instead, Tomas cites people who are truly themselves. He likes people who start their own businesses and do their own things. 

Advice and goals

Just try all sorts of things, always say yes to new opportunities! I personally sometimes find it difficult and scary to always say yes to new things but go for it. Take a friend with you if it helps”.

Tomas’ goal is to have his own solo art exhibition. He has done some exhibitions before with other artists, but his aim is to have his art shown at a solo event, with his own subject in mind.