Trine Bruun Hansen


About Trine Bruun Hansen

Trine, 51, is a ceramic artist who graduated from Aarhus Kunstakademi. She currently lives in Aalborg, has three children and owns her own company, Bruuns Keramik. Here, she creates pottery in the shape of cops, bowls, plates and cans.  

Describing her art

Making pottery is a huge part of my everyday life! My wish and goal is for my products to be utilised on a daily basis, and that they are functional, beautiful and provide a sense of happiness for people using them”.

Her journey

As a child, Trine used to draw a lot. She stopped during her teenage years but still managed to keep her creativity throughout. When she attended folk high school, Trine had her first encounter with ceramics. Thanks to an inspirational and very talented ceramics professor, Trine fell in love with the art. Afterwards, she continued making pottery. Trine attended several art schools before applying for Aarhus Kunstakademi, where she eventually graduated.  

It has been 18 years since Trine started her own ceramics company. At the beginning, she had several side jobs but now, she is 100% independent with her webshop, workshop and showroom at North Urban Art Studio. In addition, she delivers her products to a few distributors.


Her inspirations come from various places and people, often from moments she encounters during her life, such as shapes and colours she sees in other art pieces, in nature, achitecture and other creative and inspirational places.

Advice & goals

Keep believing in yourself, be stubborn, endure and follow your own passion rather than dingo what other people expect and want you to do”.

Her goal is to continuously make a living off her art and to be inspired, as well as to be an inspiration to the other amazing and talented people at North Urban Art Studio, as well as being an integral part of the studio’s community.