Anna Kathrine Trads


About Anna Kathrine Trads

Anna Kathrine aka AK, 25, is currently studying Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Aalborg. AK is an artist who primarily works with acrylic paints and her art style is a blend of figurative and abstract. 

Describing her art

Dreamy vibe. What people are able to interpret is up to the individual but the main purpose for me would be for viewers to dream themselves away through my artwork. I like colours to be nature-inspired which makes my art have earthy tones but also combined with a dreamy expression”.

Her journey

AK had to put her creative side on the side because she thought it was not possible to do art for a living. One day, AK met Frida and her team at NUAS. They met and by a complete coincidence she became part of the studio. “It’s a great feeling to be able to accomplish things with other people who share the same interest”.

In late 2019, AK sold her first artwork. Someone approached her, she sold it and gradually,  more and more bought her art. “My passion for painting came thanks to my aunt. When she babysat me as a kid, she always had a lot of painting and drawing tools. So I basically spent all evening at my aunt’s place, constantly drawing until I went to bed. This is probably why I love the smell of new pencils”.


Her family and aunt have been really supportive of her. Frida has been the one who paved the way for her at NUAS. She heard a lot about Frida, how great of an artist she is, what she is accomplished and that is why she views Frida not only as a great friend, but also great inspiration. In terms of artwork, AK gets inspiration from basically everything but there is also an artist from Australia, Ash Holmes, whom she likes because of her abstract and dreamy art style.

Advice & goals

Get out of your comfort zone and take the leap. It might be uncomfortable but it’ll be worth it”.

Her goal is to become more established, Frida introduced her to the world of spray so she wants to be more of a street art artist who gets invited to more street art festivals. Her end-game goal is to become one of the biggest artists, someone who is an inspiration and also to get a bigger fanbase so that she can spread better messages to more people.